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Based on these results the geometrical dimensions of the helical gears can be obtained as shown in (Antal, 2009).
In cross-grain helical planing, superficial cells are often pulled out and raised, leaving small longitudinal grooves and also a fuzzy texture (de Moura and Hernandez 2006a), In contrast, surfaces obtained by fixed-oblique knife pressure-bar cutting present plateau-like regions, with virtually no sign of fibrillation, which reduces roughness (de Moura and Hernandez 2006c).
The ions are heated inside a confining electo-magnetic field, such as is produced by the helical coil in the Compact Toroidal Hybrid machine, forming a plasma.
This unusual anomaly, with the helical crus bridging the concha to unite with the antihelix, represents a malformation of the first and second branchial arch derivatives.
The insertion force is much less for the helical grooved pin than for the other pins tested.
Solutions of glucose syrup and water were used to test the reliability of viscosity measurements performed with the helical barrel rheometer and for the calibration.
According to Mike Lewis, Vice President of Engineering - EPT Gearing, "Our Edge-Online Helical Gearing module is the industry's most complete engineering selection tool.
These results yielded a 95% sensitivity, 92% specificity, 94% accuracy 97% positive predictive value, and 87% negative predictive value for diagnosis of acute appendicitis on unenhanced helical CT (Emergency Radiology 9[3]:155-61, 2002).
For our helical pulper with its specific geometry, the shear factor [lambda] can be determined from an equation based on a generalized Reynolds number Re', with [lambda] used in place of [[mu].
Designed for bi-directional operation, the VersaMix is available with up to three separate agitators on all models from one to 1,000 gallon capacities, including a helical agitator, a high-speed disperser and a high shear rotor-stator mixer.
There are three different kinds of off-line magnetic media in use today: longitudinal, longitudinal serpentine, and helical.
Allogeneic and autologous MSCs delivered with the Helical Infusion System[TM], BioCardia's proprietary delivery technology for cell- and gene-based therapy, were safe and well-tolerated at all doses