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Figure 3 shows the instrumentation for the temperature measurements located within the low pressure side of the recuperator (labeled "PRTi" in Figure 2); two small PRTs are embedded at diametrically opposed positions at each of four axial locations in a cryogenic grade G-10 (fiberglass-resin composite) sheath that slides over the helically wound finned-tube recuperator.
2009) determining the values of stress, elongations and travel arising to helically spring, under the action of forces caused by movement of elastic membranes.
Timothy Hochberg and Henri Merkelo, "Propagation Characteristics of Coaxial Cable with a Helically Wound Ground Shield," 1996 IEEE, pp.
Veda, "Study on Gas-Liquid Two-Phase Flow in Helically Coiled Tubes," Bull.
An interlocking armored cable is a standard dielectric indoor or indoor/outdoor cable that has a helically wound, formed aluminum tape wrapped around it.
8, the sperm of lycosid spiders often appear as small, densely stained rings or bars in paraffin sections, because their crescent-shaped nuclei are helically coiled in a head to tail fashion to form a nuclear bracelet or amulet that is thicker in its mid-region and thinner at its tips.
The triple-lobed, helically wound balloon creates large surface area and promotes optimal heat transfer.
The digital cable uses helically wrapped ePTFE for its dielectric core, ensuring controlled electrical properties throughout the signal path.
The helically wrapped ePTFE core ensures constant impedance throughout the length of the cables with excellent stability with temperature cycling or flexing.
of Wisconsin Madison's Helically Symmetric Experiment (HSX) on CAD modeling, tooling and machining finished components.
majus, five sepal primordia arise helically and then five petal primordia are initiated in a helical pattern alternate with the sepals.