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According to the equations for the end cross-section of the female and the male rotors and helicoid of screw rotors, the 3D model of the female and male rotors for the novel twin-screw kneader are shown in Fig.
We've discovered that the clump bends and twists in the form of a particular minimal surface, the generalized helicoid - and this is true across species.
These spatial relationships can be illustrated by a plane cutting a helicoid.
The innocence of childhood lost, as in the previous quote, resonates with the reference of recently buried young, cadavers metaphorically described as "vasija de sexos adolescentes sin abrir" (189) or of a boy who was playing with his toy horse one moment and then after the detonation of a bomb's helicoid fuse, (2) becomes reduced to "pedazos de nino explotado" (208), the ultimate form of dismemberment that alludes to a borderline nothingness.
Generally speaking, it stands for a minimal energy state, and since such "minimal surfaces" are especially important in physics and chemistry, la chainette and the surface it generates when rotated turn up all over, as the catenoid of a soap bubble stretched between two loops or of the lipid bilayer in cell membranes; another such minimal surface is the helicoid of DNA.
calibrated VTA adjustment helicoid deep-thread technology similar to camera focus rings with lock
2000), Intelligent Manufacturing System for Production of Helicoid Surfaces, Gep, Vol.
Mathematicians can also imagine twisting that plane to produce another infinite shape called the helicoid.
pora, with a slightly helicoidal end, might represent an intermediate condition between the marked helicoid in the bonariensis group and the straight condition of all remaining Bothriurus species (Mattoni 2003).
The microscopes feature high-quality optics and a helicoid focusing system to provide a bright, clear, and undistorted image.
The unit is rubber armored, water resistant, and sports helicoid (rather than push/pull) eyecups.
In addition, the analysis shows that helicoid cymes (character 19) are a derived feature and flowers arranged in a spiral in partial florescences occur at least in two different clades, once in the African species of Aristolochia subgen.