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Therefore, one of the two goals of this article is to present a quantitative study of the helicoidal oscillations recorded while film blowing five bimodal HDPE resins under the same processing conditions that produce commercially acceptable films.
Their results showed that the helicoidal samples, in general, displayed a significant increase, about 15 percent to 20 percent, in residual strength after impact compared to the quasi-isotropic samples.
Ainsi dans l'Univers ambidextre, a propos de symetrie dans la nature et de l'enroulement helicoidal dextrogyre ou levogyre de certaines plantes, il appelle les temoignages de Ben Johnson dans Vision of Delight (1617) :
After an essay examining futurism and megastructures, expressionism, organicism, urban ecosystems, metaphor and perception, and the use of internal space in his works, she presents projects such as the New York Helicoidal Skyscraper, the Udine University City, the Egypt Bibliotheca Alexandrina, the Athens Acropolis Museum, the Cardiff Bay Opera House, the Palermo Sport Palace, and the Rome G8 Conference Center.
Para se fazer o lancamento do combustivel particulado fino, na camara de combustao, foi utilizado um transportador helicoidal com diametro de 0,15 m, acoplado ao reservatorio, que lanca o combustivel na parte superior da grelha secundaria (interior da camara de combustao).
The helicoidal 9th century minarets in the mosques of the Abbasid city of Samarra, which are the largest mosques in pre-modern history, seem to have been imitated in Egypt in the same century.
Due to recently developed examination methods such as ultrasonography and helicoidal computerised tomography the detection frequency of IVC anomalies has improved, and these anomalies have been found in healthy individuals (9).
A lot of research has been carried out into general thick-walled shells [6, 7], thick-walled cylindrical shells [8-16], thick-walled spherical shells [17, 18], thick-walled conical shells [19-21], thick-walled elliptical [22], helicoidal [23] and toroidal shells [24].
As well the coupling-decoupling bushed bearing 5 as the screw one 6 have indented contact surfaces, which interpenetrate, being maintained in contact by a helicoidal spring 8.
Helical wire coils produce a helicoidal flow at the periphery super imposed on the main axial flow.
The polysaccharide fraction of ASE is composed of a glucose chain linked by [alpha]-1,4 bonds, forming a helicoidal structure, ramified by an [alpha]-1,6 bond every 12 oses on average (Figure 1).