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The internal surface of the shell and the internal and external surface of the bush about the new pump are both the double line helicoids, the internal surface of the bush is shown as the Figs.
The cylindrical worm having the flanks helical surfaces of the type convolute helicoids of the second specie is named convolute worm without other specifications.
The cylindrical worm having the flanks as helical surfaces of a convolute helicoid of the second specie has the property that in the normal section on the reference medium helix of the tooth or of the tooth space.
Weber and Martin Traizet of the Universite Francois Rabelais in Tours, France, have recently produced intriguing images of compressed helicoids.
Inspired by computer-generated images, Weber and Traizet have proved that it's possible to construct families of minimal surfaces using such parking-garage structures--in effect, by gluing together helicoids laterally.
spheres, hollow helicoids and soft lithographically defined micron scale patterns of new classes of nanomaterials having crystalline mesoporosity using supramolecular templates and summarized in their paper 'Curves in Chemistry -- Supramolecular Materials Taking Shape', Canadian Journal of Chemistry.
The lamellar profiles (S or C) can, according to these authors, result from slices that are at oblique angles (not parallel to [010]) through helicoids with straight profiles (from a view along [010]).
The analysis of the graphs shows that this parameter has a very significant influence, because its increase generates helicoids furrows the result of tool shape and helicoids movement tool-workpiece.