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The former administration of Cardiff council seemed hell-bent on pushing through the idea but since then we have had an election and hopefully a change of policy.
It is unfortunate that the chosen few who run the mass corporations hell-bent on destroying everything we, as skateboarders, hold sacred will never have the pleasure of tipping up a rail or carving the sickest run or even tasting their own blood after landing in the flat from six-feet up.
We will clamp down on whoever is hell-bent on polluting the environment," he added.
With promises of more adult-themed attractions than ever before, Vegas is hell-bent on ushering in a whole new era of hedonism.
Saturday was just one of those days when everything they hit went into the net but we are hell-bent on doing well in the last couple of games,' said Beadle.
The regulation, in place since 1993, made France an oasis of sanity in a Europe hell-bent on self-destruction.
The Lord is hard-pressed to show His power and salvation through someone who is hell-bent on proving herself clever and self-sufficient.
As managers today seem hell-bent on shortening development time, risks can be even more hobbling than they otherwise might be.
After all, why are children so notoriously "cute" if they are not hell-bent on deflowering priests?
Far from being a "careful, thoughtful analysis that will stand up to scrutiny," as Moe claimed recently in Education Week, the book is a bizarre, meretricious screed oozing hostility toward public education and church-state separation and hell-bent on promoting school vouchers at the cost of honesty, logic, and fact.
Once hell-bent on exporting solely raw materials in volume, Chile's family firms seem to have got religion on value-added goods.
Viner's catalogue statement wryly labels it a "bunker": group headquarters for crack teams of Victorian evangelists hell-bent on saving the heathen souls of Bermondsey.