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The regulation, in place since 1993, made France an oasis of sanity in a Europe hell-bent on self-destruction.
The Lord is hard-pressed to show His power and salvation through someone who is hell-bent on proving herself clever and self-sufficient.
As managers today seem hell-bent on shortening development time, risks can be even more hobbling than they otherwise might be.
Group spokesman the Rev Jim Ritchie said: "We no longer think that this debate is about the erosion of traditional family values, but about the absolute extinction of those values, which this government incredibly seem hell-bent to bring about.
THE Anglican Church now teaches that homosexual relationships are perfectly acceptable and seems hell-bent on promoting homosexuals to prominent positions.
If you doubt the Michigan is hell-bent on being hell-born, consider:
YOUR front page on George W Bush being hell-bent on a war because of oil was inspired.
There are people who are ambivalent about it and hell-bent against it,'' said Simi Valley's Ken Holder of Team USA Flyfishing, a six-member squad selected more or less by default to contend starting Wednesday at the 18th annual World Flyfishing Championships, in Zakopane, Poland.
From horror's darkest corner, this game employs terror-enhancing cinematic techniques to magnify the mayhem in the hell-bent adventures of Ashe, the popular comic book and movie vigilante from the Pressman Films' movie, The Crow: City of Angels, which had the largest Labor Day opening in history.
Why are our politicians so hell-bent on self-destruction?
I had the special pleasure of seeing this long, lean Nefertiti perform Jamison's old role in Revelations, as well as dance the languid "Meander" and the hell-bent "Vortex" in The River, all on the same night.
Dispatched to unique worlds ranging from stunningly realistic outdoor terrain to spine-chilling alien cities, the player will face off with "Unreal's" legendary nemesis -- the fearsome Skaarj -- along with a host of all-new enemies, each hell-bent on eradicating the player and his compadres.