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Hellbent Marketing, a top-tier environmentally responsible brand marketing and full-service design agency was awarded two ADDYS from the San Francisco Ad Club.
HALLOWEEN hooligans hellbent on causing trouble are to have their pranks curbed by Cardiff police.
THE bumper at Warwick was memorable for a great display of athleticism at the start by Christian Williams, who leapt unaided into the saddle on tricky customer Somedo Somedont shortly before the tapes went up, getting away in a prominent position on a horse who looked hellbent on rearing over when asked to line up.
Paul Etheredge-Ouzts, writer-director of this season's Hellbent, loved Tile Hunger.
We will not let his heritage go, even if the council is hellbent on doing so.
It's not clear that an anti-Semitic, state sponsor of terrorism that's hellbent on acquiring nuclear weapons can be much of a partner for peace.
Meanwhile, Ollie is hellbent on winning Jas back and DK continues to aggravate Mr De Wilde.
ROBBIE KEANE will be hellbent on ending his Liverpool goal famine when newly-promoted Stoke arrive at Anfield tomorrow.
Someone somewhere is hellbent on destroying our countryside and our special views in these areas.
But one or two presenters on RUK seem to be hellbent on causing a stir.
He was hellbent on murdering the people responsible for the death of his lover.
Heavyweight monster Hellbent 2, owned by Merthyr Tydfil couple Melanie and Robert Lewis and their son Jack, is set to impress the crowds on its home turf.