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It's hellishly difficult to concentrate on Coronation Street with all that racket going on.
At 7 o'clock in the morning, just as I had slumped into the deepest category of REM ever recorded, the telephone rang, its jangling echoing hellishly around the uncarpeted room.
This spring they embark on a national tour of the hellishly fun Games of Steel (2005), a 75-minute dance/rock opera-esque game show set amid a playground of welded thingamajigs.
She's the wizard at Scorsese's side, getting the action to jump off the screen while setting up psychological provocations that reverb hellishly in your head.
First, it meant rejiggering schedules, and second, navigating a hellishly blockaded stretch of Quebec Street north of Interstate 70, where a gauntlet of construction workers and lumbering trucks rose up as demons put forth to imperil my quest to get to the soccer stadium where Kroenke's 10 a.
Prior to 1905, the Salton Sink was a hellishly hot but thriving agricultural area lying along the bottom of the lowest geological point in North America.
The human element is hellishly highlighted when a Marine describes "dead-checking," a process by which soldiers examine the bodies of the wounded and press on each one's eye with a boot, so that anyone fairing death can be dispatched with a bullet to his brain.
Even if one tries to brave these hazards, it is hellishly difficult to wash white clothes, thanks to the acute shortage of water.
Hellishly delicious, Inspired by the Devil is a worthy contemplation of good and evil, and highly recommended reading for its insights on humanity, its wordplay, and sheer devilish delight.
For almost a century, industrial chemists have had to rely on hellishly high temperatures and gas pressures to cleave the tenacious chemical bond that holds together each two-atom nitrogen molecule.
The Kerry campaign may not yet be a steamroller, but it's heavy machinery that's going to be hellishly hard for any of his opponents to stop.
Like obtaining a green card, which is a hellishly complex process navigated disproportionately by the poor, fighting a paternity complaint is nearly inconceivable without legal representation, which Wright says costs a "minimum" of $2,000.