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Hellishly delicious, Inspired by the Devil is a worthy contemplation of good and evil, and highly recommended reading for its insights on humanity, its wordplay, and sheer devilish delight.
For almost a century, industrial chemists have had to rely on hellishly high temperatures and gas pressures to cleave the tenacious chemical bond that holds together each two-atom nitrogen molecule.
The Kerry campaign may not yet be a steamroller, but it's heavy machinery that's going to be hellishly hard for any of his opponents to stop.
Like obtaining a green card, which is a hellishly complex process navigated disproportionately by the poor, fighting a paternity complaint is nearly inconceivable without legal representation, which Wright says costs a "minimum" of $2,000.
Some might say that that's not a bad thing, as it will help relieve population pressures on this hellishly overcrowded archipelago (5,000 people/[km.
We face a long and hellishly complicated campaign that will last years.
It's going to be hellishly difficult to get the economy back on track,' said Simon Mahadevan Flint, a senior currency strategist at Bank of America in Hong Kong.
Although Shen was a close personal friend of such communist literati as Ding Ling and Hu Yepin, his unwillingness to focus on society's down-and-out or portray provincial China as hellishly exploitative infuriated many leftist cultural figureheads.
Then, for those in search of a concise, factual, and focused account of the hellishly complex story of the Church in revolutionary Central America, the volume offers Rodolfo Cardenal's challenging analysis which goes to the heart of the struggle for liberation by a Church torn by internal conflicts and ideological confrontations.
Opinions vary, and indeed the topic of Faulkner and Race seems to be, as Noel Polk says, "a hellishly complex topic.
This method is not only inordinately slow, it is also hellishly expensive.
It's a hellishly difficult task that may cause young relationships to end.