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His 258-page tour of the continent, from Zimbabwe to Tanzania to Nigeria, brings the point home with forceful anecdotes that illustrate the hellishness of war, the blessings of specialization, and the impotence of living in countries ruled by the likes of Zimbabwe's Robert Mugabe.
There is nothing like a Miltonic paragraph on the hellishness of dormitory living to make them see the utility of rhetoric and assist their own evolution of written style.
Often in the same picture, he juxtaposes the eerie with the quotidian; he underscores the hellishness by focusing on the immaculate.
The sheer hellishness of modern day warfare displayed before our very eyes.
12] For example, Ernest Jones' "The Factory Town" combines both of these sub-themes, contrasting the dark hellishness of the town with the "promised LAND" of the countryside, and predicting that rural life and values will reappear when the workers unite against the masters (see Scheckner, pp.
The man whom supporters call "the voice of the voiceless" offers a nearly unique perspective on the hellishness of prison life, the inhumanity of the criminal justice system and the rage of the underclass.
Will Oldham's voice is torch possessed, soldering the hellishness of the lonesome to that of the famous, a steadfast seam.