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As the broader South African film industry has come into its own in the past decade, longtime helmer and producer Don Edkins sees a maturity in local docs as well.
Fourth- through sixth-grade category: Teryn Brown, Tesoro del Valle, first; Martha Pineda, Valley View, second; Sophie Dockstader, Helmers, third; and Tiffany West, Mint Canyon, fourth.
We are doing a lot here, but people don't know it," says veteran helmer Socrate Safo.
Helmers second-grader Maren Burling drew a resting Capuchin monkey and wrote, ``Capuchin monkeys are heroes to people with physical handicaps.
In addition to its usual lineup of new Asian pics, Winds of Asia will feature a sidebar devoted to new Taiwanese helmers and a retro of films by Turkish helmer Reha Erdem.
State Superintendent Jack O'Connell nominated Helmers and the 34 other schools.
Only if auds say a movie is "kick ass" do they really like it, according to the helmer.
And Pere's lineup certainly embraces other helmers who are already established names on the festival circuit.
2 -- color) At Helmers Elementary, kindergarten teacher Cindy Gise, right, gets flowers from 4-year-old Catherine Castaldo on the first day of school.
Still, in the past, budget-adhering helmers with a couple of studio credits under their belts could pretty much count on working every 18 months.
VALENCIA - With the end of a five-year lease agreement that allowed Helmers Elementary School modular classrooms on park land, the Saugus Union School District plans to purchase the land.