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County's first real chance came in 33 minutes when sub Bayne on for the injured Webb headed a Gethins cross straight at Bert helot.
Coming after the decisive comparison with Elizabethan England, moreover, it is anticlimactic, and the tone of "that drunken Helot of our modern Liberals" sounds dissonant in a lecture inculcating beauty and sweetness.
Fearful that Helot incursions from the sanctuary at Pylos would lead to revolution at home, they ceased offensive operations outside the Peloponnesus and sent more envoys to Athens.
We are not to infer that the helots were restricted to farming; probably some of them were craftsmen and Plutarch refers elsewhere to the existence of helot nurses (Alc.
In addition, the Spartans employed a terrifying secret police apparatus used to intimidate possible troublemakers and to keep the population of Helots from expanding to an unmanageable degree.
But the sixty or so men who died in this cruelty pales before the 2,000 helots massacred by their Spartan overlords--not because they had done anything wrong, but only because they might have represented potential rebels.
Manager Antonio Calder on has brought in 26-year-old keeper David Bert helot from Louans-Cuiseaux and Northern Ireland Under-21 cap Ryan Maxwell from Hamilton.
In Nazi eyes, the Poles were barely one up from the Jews, an inferior helot people who could not enjoy even a quisling government of their own.
The Spartan Equals, or as Vidal-Naquet would translate, Peers, were equal only to each other, and their entire way of life taught them contempt for their unequals, the semislave helot farmers who gave their exclusively military life its economic foundation.
Subsequent decades proved that for Alma's husbands, cuckoldry constituted the job description's sine qua non (Tom Lehrer devoted one of his most mordant lyrics to this fact), but Mahler understandably reacted with raging anguish, aggravated by bewilderment that Alma should have shucked her helot status.
In spite of natural socio-political parallels with the Herakleian Mariandynoi and helots of Messenia and Laconia (Lotze 1959; Singor 1993; Luraghi & Alcock 2003; Luraghi 2009), the social and juridical status of this population remains unknown.
What rank in society did the helots in ancient Sparta hold?