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Me fawther has three Scotch garners with nine helpers.
The hostler had somehow or other mislaid the key of the stable, and even when that was found, two sleepy helpers put the wrong harness on the wrong horses, and the whole process of harnessing had to be gone through afresh.
CD4 helper T cells, which normally assist other cells of the immune system during an infection, and CD8 killer T cells, which directly attack and eliminate infected cells, are two of the body's most important immune cells for defending against diseases.
The head of the Stroumbi police station and a police constable rushed to the scene where they found the domestic helper had stopped breathing while the 86-year-old was also unconscious.
The PipePro is compatible with Miller's new wireless remote technology, which eliminates hassles and potential malfunctions associated with corded remotes, and features a digital display that tells the helper what the machine is set at.
The Echo has teamed up with household goods retailer Buy As You View to launch our Santa's Little Helper contest.
uk/helper Christine O'Sullivan, Marie Curie Helper Service Manager for Liverpool, Marie Curie Cancer Care Woolton
Natural helper cells were first found in the gut, where they protect against parasitic worm infections.
Each helper takes one four-hour shift during the week.
Data from nests were segregated by year (2002, 2003), type of monitoring (video, observer), and group helper status (no helper, one or more helpers, or helper status unknown).
50 plus bonuses once they are assigned to a drill rig as a helper.
I describe the various forms of maternalism, showing how mistresses use beneficence to camouflage their oppressive practices, and demonstrate the circumstances for maternalism to be beneficial or destructive to the helper.