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He has helpfully plowed through hundreds of articles, books, and reviews, saving me vast amounts of time, and moving the discussion forward in fresh and creative ways.
They had been done in a variety of styles as if to suggest origins in a range of different cultures, and the press release even helpfully named some of these evocative-sounding imaginary locations: Camgib, Seirf, .
The Sully folk have helpfully suggested a second location in Adamsdown for more refugees.
However, the TAM helpfully points out that an employee can deduct business expenses related to a home office when he receives reimbursements included in salary instead of rent payments.
My friends helpfully pointed out, "Gosh, you've got really hairy legs," "Your eyebrows are super bushy," and, my personal favorite, "You could be a guy.
It collects news on layoffs, reprints severance memos, posts financial reports on the papers doing the slashing, and, most helpfully, lists job boards and papers that are currently hiring.
Ocean Spray Cranberries is told to stop making claims about its juices, which, the FDA helpfully notes, are not drugs.
Moffit helpfully reconsiders the masterworks of Zurbaran, El Greco and Goya, as well as giving attention to the recent antecedents of Picasso and Miro.
While the resources are helpfully classified by type (consultants, industry experts and education providers; publications; Web sites; education; books and articles), a more rigorous classification effort by topic would have been appropriate.
AP weighed in with 325 words, which The New York Times helpfully trimmed back to fifty-nine.
The three-part organization is especially useful as a tool for even long-time Brooks scholars, for it helpfully separates the reviews from the essays and then the very recent essays from all the others.
In the hope that it was the second this column has helpfully prepared a World Cup English-French phrase book, including: