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While Wynne-Davies does hOt elaborate or explain what these "gendered understandings" might be, she seems to indicate that men's view of good wives depended more upon chastity, while women's ideal was more dependent upon efficacy in providing a domestic helpmeet.
The Government said pounds 1bn of measures announced in this year's Budget that have yet to come into effect-such as rises in child benefit and tax credits-would helpmeet the ambitious target.
We both hope that by God's guiding hand you will be led to choose a godly, sensible wife--a lady--with money if God will--one who will be a real helpmeet for a clergyman--and make you happy.
Adam, the male created in consequence of an inconceivable decision on the part of the Almighty, found his helpmeet terrifying at that moment, as she shouted, "Of course, you must be right.
When I went to have my ticket checked Camelot gave me a bottle of champagne to helpmeet celebrate, but I just went home and ordered a pizza.
Adam cannot be progenitor of all humanity without a helpmeet.
15) In some ways, Hackley poses her text as the helpmeet to conventional eugenics; she does not deny the eugenicist agenda, but rather offers her text as support for the race improvement movement.
Bosworth, however, portrays a woman who, although indeed conflicted about her role as helpmeet, flouted social and sexual conventions more or less blithely throughout her adult life.
In contrast to Dalila's defenders, Luxon justifies Samson's break with her because she fails to become his helpmeet.
This bone-and-muscle bonanza is made possible through the forethought and efforts of the helpmeet, who positions the recliner chair, the ottoman and the shoeshine kit so as to enable hubby to hang the star atop the Christmas tree.
26) Yet his leading example of how federalism understood as a helpmeet to active liberty should shape constitutional doctrine is unconvincing.