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We both hope that by God's guiding hand you will be led to choose a godly, sensible wife--a lady--with money if God will--one who will be a real helpmeet for a clergyman--and make you happy.
Even many early modern husbands may well have preferred strong, energetic wives as helpmeets rather than passive martyrs--shrews rather than sheep.
10) Benedict also stresses that, even though husbands were exhorted to be kind to their wives (according to Paul's exhortations, quoted above), women were to be seen as helpless and impotent: "Reformed disciplinary institutions viewed husbands as the head of the household and urged them to treat their weaker helpmeets with loving consideration.
Beatrice produces a small book, Helpmeets, in order to earn tenure, but then produces nothing further as a literary critic.
18) Furthermore, married women always acted as "deputy husbands" who took their spouses' absences as opportunities to act in their stead; as "fictive widows" when their husbands "for one reason or another, were unwilling or unable to govern them"; as helpmeets who had to engage in financial transactions in order to fulfill their duties as "housewives"; and as domestic managers.
Lesbians are mostly conspicuous by their absence; other posters direct women to their duties as mothers and helpmeets.
But alongside images of goodwives and helpmeets were representations of women as carnal, sinful, and corrupt, and these persisted as at least a cultural undercurrent beyond the colonial era.
But it is not altogether clear that Amazons would make ideal lifetime helpmeets.
In the case of his helpmeets for Death, the director chose altogether perfectly.
The reproofs came largely from men, doubtless reading their letters self-righteously to their helpmeets in hopes of an encouraging pat on the head.