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At a time when women were expected to be domestic helpmeets, angels in the house, Fortune freely admitted in her autobiographical journalism to being self-supporting, without the benefit of spouse.
They were to be 'paragons of virtue and industry, retiring helpmeets to their husbands and matriarchs of a model family .
Even many early modern husbands may well have preferred strong, energetic wives as helpmeets rather than passive martyrs--shrews rather than sheep.
10) Benedict also stresses that, even though husbands were exhorted to be kind to their wives (according to Paul's exhortations, quoted above), women were to be seen as helpless and impotent: "Reformed disciplinary institutions viewed husbands as the head of the household and urged them to treat their weaker helpmeets with loving consideration.
Lesbians are mostly conspicuous by their absence; other posters direct women to their duties as mothers and helpmeets.
But alongside images of goodwives and helpmeets were representations of women as carnal, sinful, and corrupt, and these persisted as at least a cultural undercurrent beyond the colonial era.
With candor and humor, it offers readers a refreshing, counter-cultural view that married women should be joyful "keepers at home," embracing their God-given roles as helpmeets to their husbands and nurturers to their children.