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A leading manufacturer of dialysis products, NxStage, believes the recent findings should inspire dialysis patients to ask their healthcare providers about home hemodialysis therapy with the System One.
The OLper[TM] H2H offers clinics a simple way to upgrade hemodialysis therapy to HDF therapy without incurring the costs and inconveniences generally associated with HDF machines.
Worldwide more than 2 million patients with end-stage renal disease receive hemodialysis therapy and require vascular access to connect to a dialysis machine.
The acquisition of hemodialysis skills by RN staff on the inpatient unit became an expectation of employment, and was, therefore, a non-option unless there was a physical restriction to carrying out hemodialysis therapy.
Hema Metrics, a privately held medical technology company, currently manufactures and sells the Crit-Line(TM) product platform which is a non-invasive stand-alone blood monitoring system employing proprietary photo-optical technology which enables the continuous real-time measurement of vital whole blood parameters such as hematocrit, percent change in blood volume, saturated oxygen and access blood flow as an adjunct to hemodialysis therapy.
Nasdaq: NXTM), a leading manufacturer of dialysis products, will host an educational panel discussion today on home nocturnal hemodialysis therapy ("nocturnal") during the Annual Dialysis Conference (ADC) in New Orleans.
Her patients at ADC's Elk Grove Village attribute their success with home hemodialysis therapy to her passion, education and support.
Simply put, there is no more pivotal role than the home training nurse in making life-changing home hemodialysis therapy and its tremendous benefits available to patients" said Joe Turk, president of NxStage Medical, Inc.