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This is typically more itchy, can have mucous membrane involvement, and you're not going to see the herald patch," he said.
Literature reports herald patch to be seen in 50% - 90% of all PR patients, [2] but in our study, it was noted in 82% of patients.
The skin eruption was preceded by headache, inability to concentrate, and insomnia, initiated over the trunk and then spread to the abdomen and neck without a herald patch.
Although herald patch primarily is located on the trunk and distal of extremities it can rarely be seen on other body par ts such as face scalp and genital region.
The rash usually starts with a herald patch about 3-6cm in size, oval shaped, on the trunk.
It typically arises with a single patch known as a herald patch, followed by multiple smaller scaly pink spots.
The rash distribution is relatively symmetric and, like the herald patch, is arranged in the same direction as the ribs.