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Says Craig: "This is one of the largest opportunities the Herald has had to grow, both in profit and in circulation.
Unlike historians, however, heralds were bound by their creation oaths, in spite of their well known and widespread violations, to make and keep faithful records of the arms and descents of every gentleman and to prohibit the bearing of arms without authority.
He turned his fellow heralds against each other and took inappropriate and excessive profits from drawing pedigrees; he was committed to the Marshalsea for tricking Segar into granting arms to the common hangman of London.
In his Discouerie, Brooke declaimed against Camden for usurping the rights of heralds and darkening the honor of the nobility by falsifying their descents, and he accused Camden of plagiarizing the papers of Leland and Glover.
The recording of pedigrees and other heraldic data was a matter of extraordinary concern, inside and outside the College of Arms, for obvious reasons: heralds w ere custodians of privilege and precedence.
45] Students of heraldry, that is, including Wagner, have not been inclined to question Rowse's view that Elizabethan heralds were performing the socially useful function of accomodating a massive shift in the constitution of the privileged classes.
Heralds as well as the newly arrived were propelling the pedigree craze because it was in their interest to do so, while utilizing what would very soon prove to be an anachronistic instrument, the county visitation, for discriminating degrees of distinction.
The Herald was delivered that Sunday morning, later and smaller than usual, but it was delivered.
After publishing the Sunday paper from the university, the Herald staff had to flee again that afternoon, this time to Manvel, N.
Through it all, the Herald has not missed a day of publication.
By Thursday, the Herald was up to 16 pages and included important advertising information from banks and insurance companies for readers who face putting their lives back together.
Knight-Ridder Chief Executive Officer Tony Ridder flew to Grand Forks on Tuesday to assure Herald employees their jobs would continue and the paper would rebuild at its downtown location.