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Here's another online mathematical example where hyperosculating appears twice in the same sentence: "On a general curve in [n] where, in contrast to F, there is no confluence of the points of hyperosculation, the hyperosculating primes have precisely (<< + l)-point contact; while at the points of hyperosculation the osculating [5] for s ^ n--2 are not hyperosculating.
America, Here's My Boy' is a moving tribute to the military community, and Blue Star Families is proud to partner with Amy Regan on this project.
Here's a clip (with faint audio) from thehap of a parade in Dubai's Naif area:
Here's to the father the two of them saw while doing their half-mile swim at the River Road Pool at Emerald Park: a guy patiently - and painstakingly - teaching his physically disabled son to swim.
Here's an easy way to prevent it from forming in the first place.
plaster covered in shadowboxes; here's to what little time remains.
And here's how the hook became embedded: Two numbers later, swishy and effeminate Mark (Ryan J.
This is harder than it sounds but, basically, here's the plan: You have to work together to create a "newfound" friendship by forgiving and forgetting dopey slights and fights.
HERE'S THE oddest thing about the ongoing--never-ending may be more apt--donnybrook over immigration: Amidst all the finger pointing and fury, all the column inches and congressional speeches dedicated to hammering out the last best hope for keeping foreigners from our shores, the nativists and restrictionists forgot to document what problems immigrants actually pose to these United States.
I go up to a bomb dump at Incirlik, Turkey and here's a master sergeant and a tech sergeant standing there guarding the gate.
Here's our Jasmine cleaning her teeth" here's Bernard coming his hair" and look, here's me recording myself in the mirror in the mirror recording myself in the mirror"'
Here's a couple of portable MP3 players and memory storage gadgets for your enjoyment--the Japanese seem to love 'em, that's for sure.