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Loss of ownership rights such as quiet possession, financing, and hereditaments.
100% relief for post offices (and hereditaments that include post offices) with a rateable value of pounds 9,000 or less;
We can begin to see the specific legal context of Donne's satire by considering the following call for legal reform from earlier in the sixteenth century: "Where by the common laws of this realm, lands, tenements, and hereditaments be not devisable by testament, nor ought to be transferred from one to another, but by solemn livery and seisin, matter of record, writing sufficient made bona fide, without covin or fraud, yet nevertheless divers and sundry imaginations, subtle inventions, and practices have been used, whereby the hereditaments of this realm have been conveyed from one to another by fraudulent feoffments, fines, recoveries, and other assurances craftily made.
For avoiding all fraudulent conveyances, and that every man may know what estate or interest other men may have in any houses, lands, or other hereditaments they are to deal in, it is therefore ordered, that after the end of this month no mortgage, bargain, sale, or grant hereafter to be made of any house, lands, rents, or other hereditaments, shall be of force against any other person except the grantor and his heirs, unless the same be recorded, as is hereafter expressed [Shurtleff 1853: vol.
1022861 - 1022926, respectively, and all amendments and relocations of the unpatented mining claims; together with all the ores, brines, earth or other mineral deposits, and in and to all of the rights, privileges, franchises, tenements, hereditaments and appurtenances belonging or appertaining to the unpatented placer mining claims, including all after acquired title.
or permanent impairments of corporeal hereditaments that beneficiaries