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SGX) and the Hereditary Disease Foundation (HDF) today announced a collaboration agreement to utilize SGX's structure-directed drug discovery technologies to investigate the structure of the huntingtin protein responsible for Huntington's disease.
Replacing a protective protein thatstops potentially harmful enzymes may slow lung-tissue destruction in a hereditary disease associated with emphysema, suggest recent human trials at the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI) in Bethesda, Md.
The hereditary disease affects more than 6500 people in the UK and three people die from it every week.
The Hereditary Disease Foundation, led by foundation president Nancy Wexler, Ph.
It is the most common lethal hereditary disease occurring among Caucasian populations with the frequency of one in every 2,000 births.
While SNP genotyping can confirm simple diagnoses of common chromosome duplications, they can also detect duplications or deletions of small parts of chromosomes that cause similar hereditary disease and are more difficult to diagnose than having an extra chromosome.
According to information on the website of the Hereditary Disease Foundation (www.
The name also reinforces our development and product strategy: to build a diverse portfolio of next generation, first in class, proprietary therapeutic products for the treatment of cancer and hereditary disease," commented Leonard P.
Caroline Ford in the Journal of Clinical Cancer Research said: "Many believe breast cancer is purely a hereditary disease but this accounts for only five per cent of cases.
These distinguished experts will expand the Board's collective expertise in NaPro's core research and development areas and help us guide the Company's strategy to bring forward promising new therapies in the field of oncology and the treatment of hereditary disease.

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