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By progeny test is meant the estimation of the individual's heredity by study of the offspring.
The F/T ratio and DRE were nearly always added to the model in the first or second step, and TRUS and heredity were added in the third or fourth steps.
If genes and heredity are not exactly infallible guides to risk, the other commonly employed "risk factors"--or at least indications for surgery--are far dicier.
A person's cholesterol level is affected by age, sex, heredity, and diet.
The rediscovery in 1900 of Mendel's work of 1865 reawakened the excitement about the relationship between heredity and human disorders.
In McTeague, Norris sought to describe the influence of heredity and environment on human life.
For instance, the degree to which intelligence is attributed to heredity ranges from less than 40 per cent (Eysenck, 1981; Kamin, 1974) to about 80 per cent (Burt, 1971; Jensen, 1972).
Ever since they first learned the chemical nature of heredity, a few medical scientists have shared a dazzling vision: someday, faulty genes would be replaced to treat and cure disease.
Heredity plays some role in lip pattern development (Similarities were found between parents and children.
Genes, the units of heredity discovered by Gregor Mendel more than a century ago, contain the recipes, or instructions, to make the proteins of which all living things, from bacteria to humans, are built, and that all organisms use to carry out their functions.
London works out in the course of the story his ideas on the need for adaptation to survive and on the influence of heredity.
Heredity (1987) has the best qualities of a first book: It is brave, full of intelligent spirit and experimental, though sometimes uneven.