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What of knowledge that says, heretically, that we simply shouldn't create that next desire-inducing widget or service because the world will be better off without it?
have learned to express that position in what is heretically its purest form" (99-100).
We had no clue that the revolutionary Dom Kevin was heretically defying the Holy Father's pronouncement on contraception--a subject that was not on the curriculum.
Indeed, it is on the strength of the deeply layered allegories embedded in As You Like It, A Midsummer Night's Dream, Taming of the Shrew, and other plays--fiercely and heretically anti-Christian- that Hudson builds much of his case.
somewhat heretically I am sure, that all this talk of pro bono
And, along these lines, when researchers desperately seek a secret meaning of the Holocaust, anything (including heretically asserting that God himself is diabolical) is better than acknowledging that an ethical catastrophe of such proportions could have occurred without a purpose, just as a blind effect.
Happily, if heretically, there's a less labor-intensive way to get the job done.
He writes inaccurately that I am a disciple of Warren Buffett, who he heretically labels a "near deity.