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21) Whereas Huang chooses to live a hermitic life, showing a kind of transcendental attitude, Hong decides to pioneer a new life with a challenging and courageous spirit.
In January 2009 right after the end of operation Cast Lead we were all faced again by the deadly hermitic siege.
My core hangouts include a cheesy Manhattan hotel bar and a hermitic lake house in a dimly gentrified county in upstate New York.
Several of the essays explore the uses of art by the Hermits to emphasize their rootedness in Augustine and the superiority of the hermitic tradition in general.
In keeping with the novel's full title (Hyperion oder der Eremit in Griechenland), Hyperion holds these figural speeches from a hermitic position of withdrawal or exile.
According to a report in Discovery News, the study determines that mammals which regularly hunker down, hibernate, or otherwise hide from the world, are better at weathering environmental change than are less hermitic species.
We taste three green teas, including Lu Shan Clouds & Mist, which Yu tells me is grown on an isolated, extremely beautiful mountain inhabited by hermitic Taoist monks--an area that gets blinding fog for 265 days of the year.
Hatomura (Yuriko Ishida) to coax hermitic 17-year-old genius Saraka (Mitsuki Tanimura)--who invented the Mugen, Tokyo's rollercoaster-shaped particle accelerator--out of her computer cave and into the university.
Four drops of oil --on a single, hermitic piece of bread, or over the obsequious heart of a ripe sacrificial tomato-- instruct us with their nakedness, with their utter absence of advice.
Hoping to find inspiration, Isabel visits a hermitic mystic and is immediately put into a sleeping state.
Chong said that in 1978, it never crossed anyone's mind that North Korea's hermitic regime could resort to kidnapping foreign citizens.