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We taste three green teas, including Lu Shan Clouds & Mist, which Yu tells me is grown on an isolated, extremely beautiful mountain inhabited by hermitic Taoist monks--an area that gets blinding fog for 265 days of the year.
Four drops of oil --on a single, hermitic piece of bread, or over the obsequious heart of a ripe sacrificial tomato-- instruct us with their nakedness, with their utter absence of advice.
Hoping to find inspiration, Isabel visits a hermitic mystic and is immediately put into a sleeping state.
Chong said that in 1978, it never crossed anyone's mind that North Korea's hermitic regime could resort to kidnapping foreign citizens.
But on the back is that creepy pyramid with an eyeball on top that I always suspected symbolized some hermitic order of mystics engaged in harnessing the power of the pyramids to promote development of the third eye.