hero worship

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In contrast Hero Worship made smooth headway under Philip Robinson to lead off the final bend and record a two-length verdict over Hernando Royal.
Fabulous Beast Dance Theatre presents a story of accidental heroism, hero worship, love and betrayal.
Kevin Darley sent the colt clear early on but with a quarter of a mile to go several dangers emerged, not least Hero Worship who had beaten Soapy last time.
HERO worship is common - it's not unusual to develop a crush on a famous person.
If she wants to critique a self-indulgently nihilistic masculinity, there's too much libidinal hero worship in the piece's dramatic rhythms (the final shot, for example, shows the artist crowd-surfing, Christlike, as the sound track intones, "You feel free").
IAM sickened by the hero worship shown to TV entertainer Matthew Kelly by theatre-goers in Birmingham.
HERO WORSHIP "It's almost like going to church, being here, isn't it?
SCAR WARS: Clarke Reynolds puts his back into his hero worship with tattoos of the wookie Chewbacca, Han Solo, as played by Harrison Ford, and a Millennium Falcon
A model of youthful resilience comes vividly into focus as listeners follow Walls through a childhood caught between hero worship of her feckless father and only slightly less dysfunctional mother and her drive to create a better life.
What historical, literary; or pop culture figures should people of color look to for guidance or should folks try to stay away from hero worship of people like Cesar Chavez, Subcomandante Marcos, you name it?
In Wife, Mays plays not only Charlotte but other characters including the lesbian aunt who mentored her and the Nazi father whom she says she murdered, not to mention Wright, who first met her in 1993 and over time developed a serious case of hero worship.