hero worship

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It is naive to think that our heroes do not have darker, less enviable sides to their make-up, and it is crucial to see the particular conditions of their rise to fame and fortune, including those propensities to hero-worship itself.
David De Laura, "Ishmael as Prophet: Heroes and Hero-Worship and the Self-Expressive Basis of Carlyle's Art," Texas Studies in Literature and Language, II (Spring, 1969), pp.
Beyond that, Dominik also examines bigger questions such as when does cruel history become romantic myth and at what point does hero-worship become deadly hate.
But the front-row ace sensationally quit the club last year and now expects a red-hot reception from fans who used to hero-worship him.
Why should we hero-worship a man just for driving a car fast (at least for half the season)?
MARK HUGHES has indulged in a bit of hero-worship of Argentina skipper Juan Sebastian Veron.
Every so often he will say something that just about justifies the hero-worship.
It doesn't matter if your husband's hero-worship is dented.
SHAKA HISLOP faces a battle to save his Portsmouth career after being ousted by a keeper who used to hero-worship him.