hero worship

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Only three months ago his handless body was exhumed from a mass grave there and returned to Cuba, where hero-worshippers can pay homage.
This idea has been addressed eloquently by poet Robert Penn Warren: "For if the hero is the embodiment of our ideals, the fulfillment of our secret needs, the image of the day-dream self, then to analyze [the hero] is likely to mean, in the end, an analysis of the hero-makers and the hero-worshippers, who are indeed, ourselves.
Sublet's selection of texts allows would-be hero-worshippers to remain in happy ignorance of many of Baybars' failures and acts of treachery - among them the execution of the Ayyubid prince al-Mughith after he had surrendered to safe conduct, the similar execution of the Templars of Safed, and the botched naval expedition against Cyprus.