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Collin Fitzgerald distinguished himself in Afghanistan last year when, after an enemy ambush, he heroically entered a burning vehicle under heavy fire and drove it off the roadway, clearing the way for other vehicles in his convoy to break free.
AT this year's State of the Union, President Bush recognized Wesley Autrey, who heroically jumped onto subway tracks in Harlem to protect a man from an oncoming train.
Adjusters and other claims personnel usually perform heroically under these circumstances, but a pandemic could make many of them unable to get to the scene to do their jobs.
2) Following his wife's abrogation of her civic duties--spectacularly represented when her bosoms surrealistically fly off like a set of balloons--the now hermaphroditic Husband heroically bears the Nation's children parthenogenetically.
Cov defended heroically in the first half and turned round still in touch despite never threatening to score, but after brief resistance after the break, the floodgates opened resulting in a deluge of scores for Leeds.
In WW II, he heroically took his mechanized units through North Africa, Sicily, and France.
The big exhibition at the V & A heroically sets out to provide answers and attempts to look at the whole designed world between 1914 and 1939.
Tactfully introducing the reader and hooking their interest, Charlie Baker George accurately covers every minute of the huge aircraft's journey and crash, and the endeavors of the people so heroically surviving the aircraft's doom.
Fettis made a trio of fine saves to deny Danny Reet, Richard Barker and Rundle and the impressive Swailes heroically blocked several goalbound efforts as the pair kept their side in the game.
Two Rivers, 2005, the heroically scaled and heavily laden painting from which the show borrowed its title, features two black-on-brown areas of tarlike paint that flow diagonally through a field of blue and black orbs and pale bleeding strokes of blue, green, gray, white, and yellow on a ground of raw linen studded with straw and pumpkin seeds.
There were many other remarkable churchmen of lesser fame who heroically walked the risky line between social activism and politics.
Fear not, Sovereign Sect fanatics, 'cause Habitat has heroically stepped up to take their place