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00pm The act of rescuing his new bride Mildrith from suspected abduction draws Uhtred into the great battle of Cynuit, where he demonstrates his strength by heroically defeating a formidable enemy.
He did not hold out heroically and proposed before the SDSM Congress Pendarovski to be elected instead of Zaev.
Everton need to do something because the players who battled so heroically in 2012 need help if they are to finish in the top four.
The Reverend Clare acquits herself heroically in this novel, as in the first, though some of her heroics-the legacy of her army career, have the scent of deus ex machina about them.
The Nature article presents photos that illustrate the reason for that uniformity: A rare lefty in a right-spiraling species closely related to Euhadra writhes heroically but fails to mate with a partner with the majority spiral.
These warnings came at a time when the conservative radio punditocracy and nearly the entire conservative press was insisting that the Bush administration was heroically defying the UN in order to defend our nation from the supposed threat of Saddam's huge, ready-to-deploy arsenal of weapons of mass destruction.
99) have made her one of this year's favorite lesbian icons, but it's really Johnny Depp who waltzes away with the latter movie thanks to his openly fey performance as a heroically mincing sea dog.
Jonathon Middlemiss and David Farrier were each going about their daily duties when they heroically stepped in to stop young children coming into harm's way.
The pair heroically returned overnight for the Ludlow meeting on Thursday, which I attended and stayed on after racing for their Cheltenham preview and quiz.
TWO young men heroically rescued a stranger who had fallen into a frozen lake, while police were ordered not to go on to the ice, an inquest heard.
Officer Johns died heroically defending the Museum, visitors and staff.
Dillon, who gained a goalless stalemate against Macclesfield last weekend, saw his side heroically scrap out the same result.