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Today's students fail to understand that bravery is critical to an understanding of heroics and, further, that some degree of risk must be involved.
One of the best things heroes can do is spread their heroic attitude and establish more heroism.
Miller had only been on the field six minutes after replacing tireless John Hartson when he was on hand to head Henrik Larsson's 70th minute cross past heroic keeper Gregory Coupet.
Rose examines speeches written throughout Elizabeth's reign to show that she actually exploited and transformed a full range of gendered subject positions, appropriating both a male heroics of action and a female heroics of endurance and survival.
LIVERPOOL manager Gerard Houllier today spoke of his pride at his young lions heroic performance in Germany.
If the making of architectural heroes is relatively easy, providing criteria that would explain and demystify why some architectural works are heroic and others not, is much less so.
His greatest heroic act is to rescue a cat from a burning bedroom before disappearing from the movie altogether after his 15 minutes of flame.
Gibson's heroic feat also has been honored on the cover of a new Wheaties package, which was unveiled in early June at Dodger Stadium.
A few readers offered anecdotal evidence of situations where process replaced heroics, much to the benefit of the corporate bottom line.
To Rose, the forms of heroism are united in one sense: "embedded in both the heroics of action and the heroics of endurance are the human capacity and desire to survive" (xxii).
Just three days after their UEFA Cup heroics at Anfield, Martin O'Neill's men could find no reply to the first-half strike from Dennis Wyness which earned Caley a semi-final place.