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Researchers of the University Of Southern California in Los Angeles examined the human herpes virus 8, otherwise known as Kaposi's sarcoma-associated herpes virus.
In the past, the company has reported the successes of its nanoviricides drug candidates in pre-clinical studies of dermal herpes virus infections in mouse models.
Types of herpes virus and associated common diseases (Table 2):
A 12-year-old quarterhorse mare died Friday of a neurological form of equine herpes virus, and four other horses at the same stable southwest of Eugene are under quarantine after testing positive for the virus, state veterinarian Brad LeaMaster said Monday.
Reactivation of a latent herpes virus is known to be associated with stress, suggesting that loneliness functions as a chronic stressor that triggers a poorly controlled immune response.
KEY WORDS: abalone viral ganglioneuritis, herpes virus, inactivation, disinfection, abalone herpes virus, wastewater treatment
The herpes virus can cause such diseases as herpes simple or zoster, chicken pox.
Some specific topics include bioluminescence imaging for herpes virus studies in vivo, herpes virus and musculoskeletal diseases, herpes virus micro RNAs in infection and cancer, asymptomatic alpha-herpes virus reactivation, and human herpesvirus-6 and acute liver failure.
It has plans to sell its animal health division and is in talks to out-license its feline herpes virus development and canine cancer immunotherapy.
A single viral protein enables dormant herpes virus to wake up, suggests a study published online March 27 in PLoS Pathogens.
ReadyCells also allow year-round cell culture availability with minimal on-hand inventory, and are available for respiratory and herpes virus cultures, enterovirus culture, and chlamydial culture.
Virus scare: Three BayArea racetracks were placed under quarantine after a thoroughbred at Golden Gate Fields tested positive for the potentially deadly equine herpes virus.

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