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Marilla," she said hesitatingly when he had gone out, "is Matthew quite well?
They looked at one another hesitatingly for a moment.
No,' returned she, hesitatingly - 'but I've heard so much about her lately, both at the Wilsons' and the vicarage; - and besides, mamma says, if she were a proper person she would not be living there by herself - and don't you remember last winter, Gilbert, all that about the false name to the picture; and how she explained it - saying she had friends or acquaintances from whom she wished her present residence to be concealed, and that she was afraid of their tracing her out; - and then, how suddenly she started up and left the room when that person came - whom she took good care not to let us catch a glimpse of, and who Arthur, with such an air of mystery, told us was his mamma's friend?
Manning came slowly and hesitatingly through the French window, and stood as near it as he could.
Yea," answered I, hesitatingly, "but thou knowest it also"--And I said something into her ear, in amongst her confused, yellow, foolish tresses.
The fingers which accepted his hands were extended almost hesitatingly.
For some time he said nothing; then, a little hesitatingly, he asked:
Levin heard the secretary hesitatingly read the minutes which he obviously did not himself understand; but Levin saw from this secretary's face what a good, nice, kind-hearted person he was.
According to the T24 news portal, Zana also said "the Turkish nation" somewhat hesitatingly as she was sworn in in June.
I tell him to sit back down again and relax, which he does only very hesitatingly.
Across the road on the opposite sidewalk, unaware that a new occupant was sharing the streets with her, sat a 25-year-old Syrian beggar who hesitatingly identified herself as Salma, resting, her three kids' sleepy heads on her lap.
In this cognate set one can also include MariE lewe, MariW liwa warm , MariE lewe-, MariW liwe- become warm, thaw , as hesitatingly suggested by UEW (685).