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This aids in the configuration, development, deployment and management of operating systems and applications across heterogeneous SoC cores.
Transparent deployment for heterogeneous environments, with no agents or client changes needed, using existing file servers and native file systems.
But when the researchers included a particular heterogeneous reaction in their calculations, they found that HSCT traffic would slightly increase ozone concentrations by a few tenths of a percent.
But before evaluating what specific features are required or desirable, remember that meeting the fundamental objective of consolidating heterogeneous resources in a data center environment requires that the infrastructure can scale as data center storage volumes grow--without performance bottlenecks or single points of failure.
But within the last two years researchers have proposed that pervasive sulfuric acid-water droplets may also support heterogeneous reactions -- a theory bolstered by the recent experiments.
SAN-based replication solutions support heterogeneous storage devices and heterogeneous server platforms, giving the widest possible range of configurations.
As well, the winter stratosphere in the Arctic is not as cold or as isolated from invading air currents, which means heterogeneous chemistry cannot be as acvtive in the north.
Does it support heterogeneous solutions that meet your definition of "heterogeneous"?