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With the increasing adoption of SAN applications into heterogenous environments, Ciprico continues to focus on developing, testing and integrating interoperable products," said Ciprico Product Manager, Stacy Kelly.
Caption: Figure 3: (MR T2) axial T2 fat saturated image showing a hyperintense heterogenous mass suggestive of cystic components (yellow arrow).
iii) The deep learning approach is further introduced to two heterogenous feature learning tasks including cross-language classification and cross-modal retrieval.
With this combination of capabilities, we will effectively address a key customer pain point - automated optimisation of heterogenous networks in a multivendor environment.
However, when heterogenous lesion involving particularly endometrium is concerned, CT scan may be done to assess vascularity and anatomical delineations.
The volume is heterogenous in its presented approaches but particularly highlights the contributions of Marxist and pragmatist traditions to the study of the nexus between communications and the economy.
Very few cases have been reported in the literature and the frequent association of this rare entity with laboratory abnormalities and malignancy points towards its heterogenous nature.
For three back-to-back weeks, it will be a hectic time for sports lovers in the emirate -- who are a heterogenous lot much like the city's population.
These adult stem cells express high levels of the enzyme ALDH, an indicator of biological activity in heterogenous early stage stem cells.
Expanding beyond the delivery of software for its own cloud platform, VMware is acquiring DynamicOps for its heterogenous cloud management offerings.
Real life case studies of eleven leaders have been presented who have operated under widely heterogenous business situations.