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7) On CT, these masses are more often heterogenous than homogenous.
Computed tomography (CT) of the facial bones revealed that a large, heterogenous parotid mass had filled the left masticator space and eroded the body and angle of the mandible and the left maxilla, with effacement of the oropharynx (figure 2).
Phytomedics sees this as a lucrative pharmaceutical segment that allows for the development of heterogenous plant derived products as ethical drugs in the U.
Dynamics of the 2001 UK foot and mouth epidemic: stochastic dispersal in a heterogenous landscape.
Multiple areas of a lesion must be sampled; thyroid lesions can be heterogenous.
The machine handles homogeneous or heterogenous materials, waxy, resinous, hard or soft agglomerates.
They are complex and initially bewildering works, for they proceed on an assumed cultural and personal basis of complex contemporaneity and heterogenous, perhaps indeterminate origins.
Koenker argued that the heterogenous Moscow workers developed such a consciousness only during the struggles of 1917.
4] and MgO inclusions generally have poor wettability with molten aluminum, and may provide potential heterogenous sites for pore nucleation.
To me, ambient's aimless, hypnotic quality mirrors the multivalent and heterogenous process of memory.
Chief among the factors left out is heterogenous chemistry -- reactions that take place on the surfaces of liquid and solid particles in the atmosphere.
People who are older are no less heterogenous than any other segment of the population.