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has obtained exclusive rights in the United States to design, produce, distribute and sell Ruff Hewn apparel, home and accessories.
Ruff Hewn is best known regionally in the South and the Midwest, where we operate a lot of stores.
Once two sides are hewn the timber can be cut free.
Saw marks on the finished beam do nothing for the appearance of a hewn timber.
If the timber needs to be squared on all four sides, flip it so that the hewn surfaces are now facing up and down.
A traditional Southern hewn log home had logs flattened to a uniform thickness of 6" to 8", these flattened surfaces forming the inside and outside walls, while the tops and bottoms of the log were left round and the spaces between them were chinked.
Rough Hewn Home Furnishings LLC is a industrial furniture and rustic home furnishings brand founded in 2012 and currently located in the Galleria of shops at 145 Front Street, Shop #17, Brooklyn NY (DUMBO) 11201.
Ruff Hewn - casual men's and women's apparel, shoes, and accessories
The Ruff Hewn brand will be managed by the Saks Department Store Group (SDSG) private brand organization based in Birmingham.
George Jones, President and Chief Executive Officer of Saks Department Store Group, noted, "The name Ruff Hewn has incredible brand equity and recognition and has long been associated with high quality and a relaxed, yet classic, style.
Miller states that Texas Woods produces tongue and groove plank and strip flooring, custom parquets, stair parts, and other moldings, custom mantles, beams and hand hewn beams and boards, custom doors, custom table tops and counter tops in Mesquite, Pecan, Tidewater Cypress, Aromatic Red Cedar, Loblolly pine, Antique pine, Antique cypress, Oak, walnut, cherry, many exotics and all standard hardwoods.