hidden knowledge

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You appear to be smitten, after all, with the charms of this queenly maiden," said he, hoping thus to draw forth the physician's hidden knowledge.
The woods were unmoved, like a mask-- heavy, like the closed door of a prison--they looked with their air of hidden knowledge, of patient expectation, of unapproachable silence.
NetApp's close alignment with Ixtel and Zaloni brings to market solution offerings that support businesses in uncovering hidden knowledge and drive successful operations.
Human intervention is essential for identifying problem components (decision variables, constraints, logical relations, objective functions), and the hidden knowledge in the description of the problem: the human player enables the transition from the description of the problem to a model and a solution approach.
Your instincts are rooted in your unconscious analysis of your experiences and in your hidden knowledge and information.
The New Testament,' according to Ouspensky, is 'an introduction to the hidden knowledge or the secret wisdom.
In the result of such communication, a bulk of text documents generated consists of interested hidden knowledge [2].
At present, there are also some problems, such as departmentalization of knowledge resources, knowledge can't be highly shared, hidden knowledge can't be conversed effectively, institutional barriers restrict knowledge reuse degree and traditional organization form is not good for implementing knowledge management (Martensson, 2000).
The lab will research how machines can contribute to developing new services by identifying structures and hidden knowledge in large data sets.
MindLink provides a highly secure, rich messaging and collaboration platform for enterprises, empowering firms to unlock hidden knowledge, overcome communication silos and build a more agile and responsive business.
Discovering hidden knowledge in social networks is a compelling one the authors argued in the next chapter.
In essence, we analyzed buyer behaviour patterns so as to discover useful and previously hidden knowledge in order to recommend appropriate product for buyer.