hidden meaning

References in classic literature ?
These fellows demonstrate a hidden meaning in "The Antediluvians," a parable in Powhatan," new views in "Cock Robin," and transcendentalism in "Hop O' My Thumb.
And Raffles leaned towards me with a sly, slow smile that made the hidden meaning of his visit only too plain to me at last.
Aided by the remaining fragment, I guessed the rest; measuring the length of the lines by those of the paper, and divining the hidden meaning by means of what was in part revealed, as we are guided in a cavern by the small ray of light above us.
If there were a hidden meaning in it, I was confident that I could pluck it forth.
The black canvas is the optical illusion that carries the hidden meaning of human existence.
Whether professing his love of shopping at Lidl or explaining the hidden meaning of Madonna's dance moves, his warmth and sense of child-like mischief make him a hugely likeable performer.
It is not a name with hidden meaning or anything clever.
Write down the last three words of the chain; this is the hidden meaning, the soul, of Foshee's work, at least to you.
Some of this becomes quite engaging: to view Sycorax as Queen Elizabeth I (the hidden meaning here revealed by associations with the moon) and 'the blight she inflicted on England' (p.
Mattias's cousin Marina is a photographer who tries to capture the hidden meaning of things with her camera.
A couple forced creepy smiles at us, inducing raised eyebrows but, sadly, no hidden meaning.