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Azam Malik pointed out that hides are basic raw material for leather industry to make leather garments, bags, footwear, ballets and gloves.
According to livestock experts, there was rise in waste of hides as Eidul Azha is being celebrated in summer.
The VLSB stegnography was implemented to hide data using different number of least significant bits and stego images were obtained.
Many of these banned outfits have changed their names just to get as many hides as possible.
Three well-groomed bulls -- spritzed with a coat of oil to give an extra sheen -- were in the running, and the one with the most textured hide won the honor.
Once one of the UK's top- earning sportsmen, Hide was found guilty at an earlier trial of assaulting Mr Boateng at The Ikon nightclub in Norwich last May.
I believe Hide is coming to the peak of his powers.
Hide selection: Avoid all fat animals, bulls or young feedlot animals.
KARACHI -- The Sindh Government Monday prepared a code of conduct in regard with collecting sacrificial animals' hides.
A spokesman of Hides and Skins Merchants Association said leather exports plunged by over 35 per cent in the current year which badly affected the domestic hide trade.
The researchers let the criminal jays as well as ones with clean records hide treats.