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Shortly after the entire camp set forth in search of her and when Meriem was positive that all were gone she descended from her hiding place and ran quickly across the clearing to Malbihn's tent.
From her hiding place she saw Malbihn again enter the jungle, this time leaving a guard of three of his boys in the camp.
Quickly she ran from her hiding place and dropped to the ground.
At first he had been inclined to come out of his hiding place and follow von Horn, but so much had already occurred beneath the branches of the great tree where the chest lay hidden that he decided to wait until morning at least, for he was sure that he had by no means seen the last of the drama which surrounded the heavy box.
It bad two berths in it, a dismal dead-light, a sink with a washbowl in it, and a long, sumptuously cushioned locker, which was to do service as a sofa--partly-- and partly as a hiding place for our things.
Ten to one the papers had been destroyed; and even if they had not been destroyed the old woman would not have put them in such a place as that after removing them from the green trunk-- would not have transferred them, if she had the idea of their safety on her brain, from the better hiding place to the worse.
You can remove any possible hiding places for them - clean up mulch etc around the base of your plant - or create hiding places to trap and remove them.
Problem # 04-17-132-1 - "Modernization bezodplywowego reservoir located in areas popoligonowych" which consists of the reconstruction of the existing tank through the preparation work to deepen in order to achieve the mandatory amount of retained water ratio - 7 900 m3, construction and water holes to go wild , slope of the reservoir formation, strengthening embankments material timber, seal the bottom of the reservoir performance of natural materials (silt, clay), the execution of outcrop / hiding places for amphibians, fill slopes with native species of shrubs.
Check hiding places : Know tick hiding places and check them frequently.
Not least of which is in the morning room, which looks out onto the rear garden, and houses a priest's hole, This was the term given to hiding places for priests built into many of the principal Roman Catholic houses during the period when Catholics were persecuted by law in England.
Another of my hiding places was a space under the Welsh dresser in the kitchen where there was room to curl up and you could see the light of the fire reflected in a large brass-topped hob that was kept beside the fireplace and on whose cool smooth surface I would rest my forehead if I had a cold.
The animals are kept in an open-air cage of around 1 hectare in size that has hills, hiding places,and feed boxes.