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Called for by the G8 under the UK's presidency, the new global standard is said to mark a step change in the ability of governments to fight tax evasion and remove the remaining hiding places for those looking to evade taxes.
Problem # 04-17-132-1 - "Modernization bezodplywowego reservoir located in areas popoligonowych" which consists of the reconstruction of the existing tank through the preparation work to deepen in order to achieve the mandatory amount of retained water ratio - 7 900 m3, construction and water holes to go wild , slope of the reservoir formation, strengthening embankments material timber, seal the bottom of the reservoir performance of natural materials (silt, clay), the execution of outcrop / hiding places for amphibians, fill slopes with native species of shrubs.
Not least of which is in the morning room, which looks out onto the rear garden, and houses a priest's hole, This was the term given to hiding places for priests built into many of the principal Roman Catholic houses during the period when Catholics were persecuted by law in England.
Another of my hiding places was a space under the Welsh dresser in the kitchen where there was room to curl up and you could see the light of the fire reflected in a large brass-topped hob that was kept beside the fireplace and on whose cool smooth surface I would rest my forehead if I had a cold.
The animals are kept in an open-air cage of around 1 hectare in size that has hills, hiding places,and feed boxes.
The staff spent the day making dens and hiding places while exploring the grounds to find new ways to capture the imaginations of children.
He introduces readers to this search, defining what scientists know about the nature of dark matter and introducing candidate hiding places known as massive compact halo objects (MACHOs).
This significantly helped the defending Russians as the bombed-out building skeletons were ideal minifortresses for snipers and anti-tank crews, giving them hiding places above the German tank gun elevations, forcing the Germans to take the city in costly house-to-house infantry fighting.
In another study, in which scientists surveyed a population of spiny lobsters in the wild, they found that more than 56 percent of healthy lobsters shared hiding places, but only 7 percent of sick ones did.
His research is evident in the portrayal of players in a drama that crossed oceans and political boundaries as money and art changed hands and hiding places.
To help credit managers better manage risk following the recent wave of corporate reporting irregularities, Atradius Trade Credit Insurance has developed a list of "Ten Hiding Places for Business Credit Risk.
Secondly, the structure of the work and its leitmotif of hiding places, which cleverly begins on a transatlantic jet.