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HIED industries had very different results, as illustrated in Figure 1.
When I read on the Zumba website that this 73-yearold showbiz veteran had danced with Fred Astaire and with Marge and Gower Champion and had been in two Elvis Presley movies, I hied myself to Chelsea Piers to take her class.
He hied him to the head of the house, to the house-top of Fyvie, He blew his trumpet loud and shrill, was heard at Mill of Tiftie.
John McCain and Barack Obama, both left the campaign trail and hied themselves to Washington to vote for the wildly unpopular financial bailout plan.
Dover-Harris is survived by her devoted son, Rhodney Dover; her beloved father and step-mother, Eugene Summons and Leah Summons; her loving brother, Tau Hied Aldul Budee; her grandchild, Tyler Hyland; and a dear friend, Tonya Henry.