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Visitors can also see a scribe, higgler, herbalist, candle dipper, blacksmith and carpenter who have travelled to Norton and set up camp, while they use the resources of the forest and the woodland around them in their everyday lives.
Ann, a musical man, and asked him to make a bamboo fife and send it to town with a higgler woman on a market truck.
John Taylor, The Carriers Cosmographie: Or a Briefe Relation, of the Innes, Ordinaries, Hosteries, and Other Lodgings in, and Neere London, Where the Carriers, Waggons, Foote-Posts and Higglers, Doe Usually Come, from Any Parts, Townes, Shires and Countries, of the Kingdomes of England, Principality of Wales, as Also from the Kingdomes of Scotland and Ireland with Nomination of What Dales of the Weeke They Doe Come to London, and on What Daies They Returne.