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High blood pressure affects 29 percent of adults in the Unites States so this work is of paramount importance.
46,000 people in Kirklees may suffer from high blood pressure
PHE and a number of partners across local and national government, the health service, voluntary sector and academia have come together with the ambition of improving the prevention, early detection and management of high blood pressure in England.
The theme of World Health Day for 2013 was high blood pressure.
Most people do not have symptoms from high blood pressure until it has caused damage to the body.
In addition, this study reinforces guidelines backed by the American Heart Association and other professional organizations that recommend reducing salt consumption to minimize the risk of developing high blood pressure," Forman said.
The reason high blood pressure is called "the silent killer" is that it causes no discomfort in early stages said the head of the Cyprus Cardiology Society, Petros Agathaggelou.
The best way to determine if you have high blood pressure is to measure it throughout the day, studies show.
Most people with high blood pressure have no signs or symptoms at all.
Know how many of your patients have high blood pressure and high cholesterol, what proportion are controlled, and what can be done to help more patients get these conditions under control, he said.
Mothers are also at an increased risk of developing high blood pressure later in life, which is linked to heart disease and strokes.
The study by Lloyds pharmacy showed one in four people under 34 in the city had a high blood pressure reading.