high explosive

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The LW30mm M788 Target Practice and M789 High Explosive Dual Purpose tactical ammunition are fired from the U.
In those years gone by stone quarries used considerable amounts of high explosives - whereas today the stone is mostly ripped out using giant excavators.
The mine exploded with a "high order" detonation, meaning the original high explosive content itself blew up when the countermining charge was initiated.
Was killed by a high explosive bomb which exploded near him during a raid on the East side of No.
A BRITISH Muslim convert was arrested at the Channel Tunnel with traces of high explosive on a pair of socks in his luggage, the Old Bailey heard yesterday.
What is the difference between brainwashing a young man into strapping high explosive to his body and brainwashing pilots to drop so-called 'smart bombs' on civilians in towns and cities below, killing tens of thousands The damage caused to those poor souls made me ashamed to belong to one of the nations responsible.
Andrei Fetisov said there was no doubt that both aircraft crashed due to explosives after traces of the high explosive hexogen were found in the wreckage, reports The Associated Press.
Other statistical breakdowns cover the types of devices used (low explosive, high explosive, incendiary), times of occurrence for each type of target, types of fuzing (detonation) devices, and hoax and accidental incidents.
In the previous example of the lesser threat, an error exists in the details; gunpowder is not a high explosive.
It is related to the high explosive TNT and has previously been found in terrorist bombs.
The report said bomb squad technicians arrived at the airport and learned that a Pakistani man identified as Ravi Desai was detained because his carry-on baggage had registered positively for a high explosive when it was checked by the Federal Aviation Administration's bomb analysis device.
Five-Year DoE Auto-ID and RFID Study Concludes RuBee Wireless System is Safe, Secure and Accurate Auto-ID Asset Visibility Solution in Harsh, High Explosive Environments

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