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An inventory submitted to the COA by the service command's Property Office indicated that the ammunition cache included 38,899 rounds of 60mm high explosive lightweight mortar shells; 56,295 rounds of 40mm M406 rifle-grenades; and 31,548 rounds of 81mm M1 muzzle-loaded artillery shells.
Rebecca ordered her three guns to lay down a six-round burst of high explosives, each blast creating a 120ft circle of death.
The statement issued by the German News Agency last night said: "An attempt on the life of the Fuehrer was made with high explosive today.
The school in the town of Beslan was surrounded with land mines and high explosives.
Blue Gene/L will be used to develop and run a broad suite of scientific applications including the simulation of very complex physical phenomena of national interest, such as turbulence, prediction of material properties, and the behavior of high explosives.
The statement, "At the next pep rally, I will throw a homemade pipe bomb filled with black powder after I light the fuse," would carry more weight than "An upcoming pep rally may be disrupted by our group carrying some high explosives, like gunpowder.
It was described as 'just the packing of a new kind of assortment box' with high explosives instead of chocolates.
Until 1994, when the two parts of the Yemen were finally effectively associated following a bloody civil war (the last to date of many), society and architecture was little changed from ancient times, except of course by high explosives, kalashnikovs and land mines.
Blasting agents and permissibles and other high explosives are expected to experience significant improvements in value gains through the forecast period compared to historic levels.
A South Korean state-run research institute has set up devices to monitor sound waves from North Korea, hoping to pick up any testing of nuclear weapons or high explosives, a spokesman for the institute said Tuesday.
British agents plotted several ways of killing Adolf Hitler in the last months of World War II, considering the merits of a sniper's rifle, a bazooka, high explosives, grenades, a train derailment or poison, according to newly released documents.
Until recently, no one has tried to contain high explosives in a tank," Long explains.

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