high interest

See: usury
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For a minute there, apart from observation, we exchanged mute alarms, and I could feel with what high interest my friend returned me all those I had from the first given her.
Malicorne kept the paternal money-chest; that is to say, that in those times of easy morals, he had made for himself, by following the example of his father, and lending at high interest for short terms, a revenue of eighteen hundred livres, without reckoning six hundred livres furnished by the generosity of the syndic, so that Malicorne was the king of the gay youth of Orleans, having two thousand four hundred livres to scatter, squander, and waste on follies of every kind.
Tulliver as tenant, and be willing to advance money to be repaid with high interest out of the profits of the business, which would be made over to him, Mr.
Then let me tell you that you are doing just the reverse; the encouragement which you offer would have been all very well had I myself believed that I knew what I was talking about: to declare the truth about matters of high interest which a man honours and loves among wise men who love him need occasion no fear or faltering in his mind; but to carry on an argument when you are yourself only a hesitating enquirer, which is my condition, is a dangerous and slippery thing; and the danger is not that I shall be laughed at (of which the fear would be childish), but that I shall miss the truth where I have most need to be sure of my footing, and drag my friends after me in my fall.
A part of the money he borrowed, it is true, and at rather a high interest, from a brother butler, but the chief part he paid down, and it was with no small pride that Mrs.
Fascination Fledgeby feigned to be a young gentleman living on his means, but was known secretly to be a kind of outlaw in the bill-broking line, and to put money out at high interest in various ways.
You will see in me an ambassador worthy of the high interests he is authorized to discuss with his sovereign.
Global Banking News-October 2, 2015--Ghana SMEs turn to Islamic banking in order to escape high interest rates
Mammals" is a new high interest series title for grades K-3 that provides vividly photo-illustrated descriptions of characteristics of mammals, describing their place in the animal kingdom.
With over 250 international exhibitors set to showcase their hair and nail care products and services at Beautyworld Middle East 2014, the hair and nails section at the region's largest international beauty and wellness trading platform will be an area of high interest.
Converting high interest rate credit card debts using personal loans can raise credit scores and is being urged in 2014 by PersonalLoanOffers.
Those who buy vehicles financed with high interest rates and other loans run a great risk of having a steep financial deficit to pay off if they lose their vehicles to theft or some other peril, such as an accident or fallen tree.

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