high priority

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The state offer to convert to the High Priority program was made to schools in the bottom 20percent of state API rankings, and four of the seven schools qualified to do that.
Almost half said that diversity had either been of high or very high priority over the last two or three years.
Listening must be a high priority if the untapped resource of employee communication is to reduce costs, increase revenue and enhance customer satisfaction.
Priority" and "high priority" community rehabilitation needs were also identified as those concern items rated both high in importance and low in satisfaction with community response, and those concerns with the highest proportions of priority or high priority need ratings included the more general concerns about the knowledge of people with disabilities regarding their rights and the response of local and tribal government to the needs of people with disabilities, along with more specific concerns in the areas of job training and employment opportunities, public and tribal schools, and special living arrangements for people with disabilities.
Because bank systems and bank employees are the first and strongest line of defense against financial crimes, the Federal Reserve places a high priority on ensuring that banking organizations have appropriate controls in place to protect themselves and their customers from criminal activities.
The city is also a high priority destination for domestic and international retailers with over 2-3 million sq ft of organized retail under construction by 2008.
Research on any High Priority Corridor will lead the reader into a hairball of studies, alliances, pricing programs, transportation acts, administration agencies, reports, committees, partnerships, and on and on, all designed, we believe, to obscure the real agenda.
The High Priority Schools Grant Program is intended to help schools in the bottom half of rankings in the state's Academic Performance Index.
Our goal is still to see that as many high priority people get vaccinated as possible," he said in a statement.
The ultimate goal and a high priority for the NHGRI's sequencing technology development efforts, as exemplified in these two RFAs, continues to be de novo, assembled sequence.
High priority projects are those that can be implemented within the year and begin providing immediate and measurable benefits to anadromous fish (salmon and steelhead) that have been listed under the Endangered Species Act as threatened or endangered.
Kurdziel Industries places a high priority on the environment throughout the corporation.