high worth

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She is one of those examples--perhaps as good a one as there is--of love, and attachment, and fidelity in such a nation, which England may well be proud of, but of which no order can appropriate the whole pride or the whole merit, because such an instance bespeaks high worth on two sides--on the great side assuredly, on the small one no less assuredly.
The speeches of the two candidates, though differing in every other respect, afforded a beautiful tribute to the merit and high worth of the electors of Eatanswill.
In earlier years Pipeline was a label of high worth and big volume.
NICE not only improves the customer experience but provides additional layers of security to protect customers, including dynamic security questions as a second layer of authentication for elevated risk scenarios such as suspected fraudulent calls or high worth transactions.
He said: "At the Customs House we recognise the high worth of apprentices - they're beneficial to us as a business and to the people we provide opportunities for.
It is surprising how often I meet high earners or high worth people who haven't yet got round to it, but have good intentions - does it ring a bell with you?
The arrest came five days after Puri, who worked at the Bank's Gurgaon branch as a relationship manager, surrendered on December 30 after being accused of siphoning money from 20 accounts of high worth individuals.
21 year old internet/print business that publishes an upscale annual social calendar mailed to 50,000+ high worth homes + maintains an active website that is the premier source for events in PB county.
The findings suggest that people are likely to protect important items or items of high worth, as well as belongings of sentimental value.
Even with the global downturn there are a lot of institutions including government bodies, sovereign wealth funds and high worth individuals who are looking to this market.
And in a bid to maintain Liverpool's growth Ray said the bank was starting to target the city's professional community: "People think Coutts is only for the ultra, ultra high worth market.
This re-introduction of that approach to sheetings requires more detailed study and conviction as it is poised to go on mill and brand names of high worth.