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The minister said that the chief minister was not speaking with farmers and her approach was high-handed.
One speaker likened the ministry's high-handed approach to the attitude of Lyudmila Zhivkova, the late daughter of Bulgaria's former Communist ruler Todor Zhivkov, who apparently determined cultural policy in person in her role as president of Bulgaria's Committee for Art and Culture from 1975 to 1981.
As everyone in the licensed trade knows, and the Examiner has pointed out recently, the main reason for pub closures is extortionate rents and high-handed arrogance by the likes of Admiral Taverns.
Chief Cabinet Secretary Nobutaka Machimura told a press conference that the Foreign Ministry plans to summon Myanmar Ambassador to Japan U Saw Hla Min in the evening and request the junta to ''refrain from resorting to force against protesters in a high-handed manner.
I thought the Magna Carta protected us from such high-handed treatment-we are citizens of Great Britain and wish to remain so.
Ichiro Ozawa is in a quest to change his image -- a pledge he made when he was first elected in April as president of the main opposition Democratic Party of Japan -- to grow out of his well-known reputation as a high-handed power broker.
Covering everything from the current political climate and engaging everything from the commercialization of thuggism (and the death of group member DJ Jam Master Jay in 2002) to the recent revelation of his adoption and Dominican heritage, DMC creates some ambitious message music without descending into maudlin antics or high-handed pronouncements of moral superiority.
As smoking issues heat up in the public domain--dare we observe the high-handed extent of employers not only refusing to hire smokers but also having the gall to terminate currently smoking employees--what better time than now for us to judiciously rethink our own follies in tobacco underwriting?
Duke Vincentio, who leaves his realm in the wrong hands and comes back in disguise to fix what's broken, can often come off as insufferable, morally high-handed and even cruel.
I would like to make three comments: (1) propagandizing children with misinformation about homosexuality and same-sex parents is child abuse; (2) the high-handed insistence of the Board that parents be excluded from input as to what their children are taught is contrary to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights; and (3) the insistence that homosexuality be taught as normal suggests a religious devotion to homosexuality that I recognize as idolatry.
Author Koyata Washida claims the agency was a high-handed ruling party ploy to squeeze out an emerging socialist government in postwar Hokkaido.
Certain multinationals use high-handed methods to stifle competition that threatens their market performance.