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When it comes to high-level drug trafficking, many issues that they use to counter the death penalty vanish.
Emergence of high-level resistance to glycopeptides in Enterococcus gallinarum and Enterococcus casseliflavus.
Environmentalists and anti-nuclear activists said the barge shipment plan adds another level of danger to the shipments of spent nuclear fuel, which they have dubbed ``mobile Chernobyls'' because they contain so much high-level nuclear waste.
Color-code each cloud: low-level, dark gray; medium-level, light gray; high-level, light blue.
Our dependent variables measure high-level use of CAD and user assessments of CAD as follows:
As Nevada officials view it, Loux says, Yucca Mountain's selection as the only candidate for the nation's first licensed high-level nuclear waste dump "was based wholly and solely on political considerations.
A separate window shows the high-level packet created from the delineated bits.
The Saban Forum is the sole, independent, high-level dialogue between Israelis and Americans.
Rivermine Call Accounting gives our customers further insight into their telecom environment for both high-level and drill-down analysis, allowing them to make optimal decisions for their business.
in terms of high-level, service-driven objectives, as business conditions change, or response to problems or catastrophes, to keep service at guaranteed levels.
There are many EDA tools available for high-level synthesis, but we have found that those that offer methodologies based on pure ANSI C++ provide the most advantages.
Catapult C libraries are the first high-level synthesis technologies to satisfy our stringent standards and we now want to extend the benefits of high-level synthesis to our customers who need to develop sophisticated next-generation designs as quickly as possible, in particular in Mobile, Telecom and Consumer applications.

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