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For example, recent trials revealed that a high-pressure washing system effectively removes contaminants from coal refuse in just one pass, which significantly increases its Btu value.
The scientists tested high-pressure processing on Queso Fresco using 400 MPa to 600 MPa pressure and hold times of up to 25 minutes.
High-pressure compressors generally use closed-type three-dimensional impellers.
If you can't take the radio out before you wash your vehicle, cover your radio with a tarp or equivalent waterproof cover and keep the high-pressure water away from it.
When developing high-pressure processes to inactivate heat-resistant ascospores in shelf-stable fruit-based products, the impact of ascospore age should be considered, as ascospores contaminating fruit products are most likely to have come from soil, and may be of varying maturity.
This high-pressure proportioner utilizes super-charged, high-pressure axial piston pumps for processing unfilled, nonabrasive, noncorrosive materials.
These stainless steel diverters are designed for rugged, high-pressure service, offer unobstructed flow to minimize product degradation and allow conveying to multiple destinations.
The companies are to produce a new generation of high-pressure injectors for diesel engines.
Woodgrain items are offered in high-pressure laminate and matching LamMates[TM] thermal-fused melamine panels in general purpose, postforming, and vertical forming grades in popular sheet sizes.
Two Cannon high-pressure axial piston pumps, driven by variable speed AC electric motors, enable precise metering.

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