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Her refusal to lose hope, and Robert's high-principled influence, make "Nuyorican Dream" inspiring as well as frequently devastating.
Catherine McCormack, who was Mel Gibson's tragic bride in Braveheart, is the romantic but high-principled Stella, who is engaged to a naval officer.
They've forgotten that Tony Blair was once a high-principled breath-of-fresh-air inBritish politics.
But if we are really going to be high-principled about this war then surely it would be immoral, if not corrupt, to profit from our own devastating attacks?
The high-principled rebel was back with a vengeance.
That is not high-principled steadfastness, it is high-handed arrogance.
Mabruq's high-principled handyman friend Mahmmud determines to uncover the true culprit.